MYLIFEBOX has been over two decades in the making. Rathi Boyder, owner, operator and innovator, came up with the idea for MYLIFEBOX after the unfortunate passing of her daughter’s father. Whilst going through this time of confusion and insecurity, Rathi stood up and took control of her own life! Planning ahead for the sake of her daughter, was the inspiration behind her life changing APP.

During a time of hardship and emotional confusion, one cannot help but to think, how short life is. This was the drive Rathi needed to leave a legacy for her daughter. Rathi, organised all her documents, everything that identified her as a number in life such as Insurance policies, copies of her amenities, list of Banking institutions, her will, funeral policies, medical aid and medical information, her lawyer’s details, her broker’s details, qualifications, certificates, her work details, house plans, her car details, list of people to contact in emergencies etc. into a box, which became the inspiration for the MYLIFEBOX APP.

MYLIFEBOX is an online digital storage solution in the form of an Android mobile application that allows its users to easily keep all their important documents in one safe, password protected, hosted space. The MYLIFEBOX APP, is not just for your personal documents, such as your will, funeral policy, drivers licence, ID, car details etc.

The MYLIFEBOX APP also holds space for one to upload, treasured memories in the form of pictures and videos. As well as one’s medical history or documents i.e. medical aid details, allergies, doctor’s details. Lastly one’s Emergency documents, i.e. upload a word document roadmap of one’s lawyer’s details, financial advisor, executor of one’s will, Banks, etc. The MYLIFEBOX APP is a digital personal online documentation safe.

The MYLIFEBOX APP is available from the Amazon APP Store and the Google Play Store as a free download. Follow the below link to install now:

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