Your Online Personal Safe

 MYLIFEBOX is an online digital storage solution in the form of an
Android mobile application that allows its users to easily keep
all their important documents in one safe, password protected,
hosted space. Store everything from personal documents, to
treasured memories such as pictures, videos, and even emergency
documents. The MYLIFEBOX APP is a digital personal online
documentation safe.



This password-secured application gives its users peace of mind knowing that their secured documents are all kept together in one safe place. As an extra layer of security, users can feel safe in knowing that they are the only people who have access to their documentation. MYLIFEBOX itself has no access to any information being stored on their cloud servers.


The MYLIFEBOX application is a FREE to download application. Free users will have access to 1MB of storage space. Need more space? Upgrade to a premium account where you will be able to store between 1GB to 5GB of data depending on your premium plan. Our standard premium plan starts at R199 per annum and can be boosted to a 5GB premium plan for only R549 per annum.


Our cloud hosting service means that you will always have access to your personal information that is being stored on this application. Broken or lost phone? That is no problem at all. Download and login to your account on any android device in order to regain access to your documentation.


MYLIFEBOX is a truly versatile application, allowing you to upload a wide range of files and formats. From personal information such as your will and funeral policy to memorable moments such as pictures and videos, you are able to upload them all.

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