Digital online personal documentation safe for wills, policies and emergency contacts for your loved ones to find when they will need it the most. 


The MYLIFEBOX mobile application is a digital personal online documentation safe, designed specifically for Android with expansion onto other platforms in the future. The MYLIFEBOX APP was created as a digital hosting solution for all your private important documents to be kept in a secure safe place online.

This password secured app gives its users peace of mind knowing that all their secured documents, such as your will, funeral policy, drivers licence, ID, car details etc. are all kept together alleviating clutter and keeping them safe.

The MYLIFEBOX APP is a cloud hosted solution for storing your files, documents or leaving a paper trail for your loved ones, should anything happen to you. The MYLIFEBOX APP comes in 3 variations depending on the amount of hosted space one would require. Please see the table below:


The MYLIFEBOX APP paid for packages do not only store your important documents, but can also hold:
• Treasured memories – Photos – leave a legacy of pictures of your great grandparents, grandparents, parents and other family members for future generations
• Treasured memories – Videos – leave your loved ones a video of your last wishes, thoughts and feelings
• Personal documents – Upload your will, funeral policy, drivers licence, ID, copies of your telephone, electricity, rates, cable TV accounts, professional societies, charities, house plans, car details etc.
• Medical documents – Upload a picture of your medical insurance card, illness, allergies, medications, doctor’s details, etc.
• Emergency documents SOS- Upload a word document roadmap of your lawyer’s details, financial advisor, executor of your will, Banks, etc.

The MYLIFEBOX APP contains many security features, to give its users peace of mind. Cloud hosting ensures a safe, protected online space. Some of the security features include:
• Amazon web services offers a safe and secure cloud storage.
• MYLIFEBOX APP can be accessed from any Android device with the free App installed in the event of breakage or loss of a device.
• If the MYLIFEBOX APP is accessed by another device, the registered user will receive an email notification of this
• User will be asked if they want to exit the App if they decide to close the App, even if no selection is made the App closes if the users moves onto something else on the device and will have to login again.
• Password protect application, login is required upon access, no passwords will be stored.
• Email verification is required to create an account.
• Verification upon exit.
• APP cannot be minimized.

The MYLIFEBOX APP is available for free download from the AMAZON APP Store and the Google Play Store. To download the APP, click the button below:

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