Can I download the App from the website?

No, the App is only available on Google play.

Amazon App Store Users have a link on the website that can assist with downloads.

How secure is my content in MYLIFEBOX?

Android Play store is a very secure platform.

Does MYLIFEBOX have access to my content?

No, MYLIFEBOX cannot access your content on your device or on our internal systems.

How does the payment for MYLIFEBOX work?

Payment is made via the Google Play store and is charged the same way as all your other in-app purchases on the Google Play Store.

How many My MYLIFEBOX App options are available?

There are 3 options available:

Freemium Package-1MB Storage
Standard Package-1GB Storage at R199.99 per year
Premium Package-5GB Storage at R549.99 per year

How do I upgrade to another option?

Simply purchase the same or another package, and it will add additional storage to your account.

Is a refund option available?

No refunds are available after purchasing an in-app purchase.

What happens when my phone breaks? Do I have to purchase the App again?

No, you will be able to access the App via any other Android device by simply downloading the app and signing in with your details.

How do I upload documents, videos and voice recordings?

All files are uploaded by selecting the “+” button found on the top right of the screen when entering a category and searching for the files to upload from your device. If you do not have the desired files on your device, simply email them to your mobile device or manually upload the files from your computer to your device.

Is my password and username secure?

Your login details are as safe as you keep them. Never give your details out, except to someone you trust as this might open your account to malicious behaviour.

Can I share my password with a significant other?

Yes, however, the responsibility for the security of your content is the user’s responsibility.

Can I share My MYLIFEBOX App with my family members?

Yes, however, the idea of MYLIFEBOX is for individuals to keep their documents together, safe and readily available for emergencies.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you will be able to change your password at any time by selecting “reset password” on the home screen when logging in. An email will be sent to you that will allow you to reset your password.

Will I be informed if MYLIFEBOX is accessed by another device?

Yes, you will receive an email when MYLIFEBOX is accessed on any other device other than your own.

How do I print documents from MYLIFEBOX?

You can print the document by saving it and printing it from your device the same way you would any other file on your mobile Android device.

Can I save attachments directly from an email into MYLIFEBOX?

Yes, you can upload files from an email directly, provided you have downloaded that email and all files are in your inbox.

Would I be able to create sub-folders in the different categories manually?

No, MYLIFEBOX has allocated specific category folders for you to use to make navigation easy for your loved ones.

Can I upload folders in any category or do I use the specified fields on the Interface?

You can upload all files in any category, but it is advised that you keep your documents in the allocated categories to make it easy to find for loved ones upon emergencies.

What happens if I purchase 1 Gigabyte and then decide to purchase the 5 Gigabyte in the same year?

You will then have 6 gigabytes for that year, the following year (on or before the expiry date of a package) you may choose to renew or revert to the Freemium package. The stored data in the Standard or the Premium purchased packages to be downgraded will be lost up to 1MB unless removed by the User before downgrading packages.

How do I delete my documents?

Hold your finger down on the file for 2-3 seconds. This will then prompt you to confirm if you would like to delete the file.

How do you save a document?

You select the + sign in the category and it will take you to your internal storage of your device, select ‘upload’ and the document will be stored on MYLIFEBOX.

What file types does MYLIFEBOX support?

1 – Photo – bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png

2 – Video – 3gp, aac, mkv, mp4, ts, webm

3 – Documents – xls, wma, wav, vp9, txt, video, tiff, svi, rec, ppt, pdf, mpeg4, mpeg 3, mpeg 2, mpeg, mp3, m4v, image, ic_ppt, ic_doc, h264, ogg, f4v, clip, avi

Annual Subscription Notification

Users will receive an alert 30 days prior to the account needing to be renewed, then again 7 days prior to the expiry of the package (only when you access your App), If no action is taken after the expiry notice twice, then after a third time of login, Data and Storage space corresponding to the expired package will be deducted from the system.
MYLIFEBOX cannot take responsibility for a User NOT renewing their purchased packages.
The User will revert to freemium option.
Mylifebox has no control over what stored data that will remain in the 1MG of free storage.

How do I share a file from MYLIFEBOX?

Select the file in the category selected and the share options will appear eg. Email. This will open your email then share to your recipient.

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