The MYLIFEBOX APP is only available for download from the AMAZON APP Store.
The MYLIFEBOX APP will be available on other platforms in the future. Once downloading
the AMAZON APP Store and creating an account, you are good to go with the download of
the MYLIFEBOX APP. Follow these easy steps to getting on your way to your very own digital
personal online documentation safe.

Step 1:
Download the AMAZON APP Store, select yes to install from unknown sources.
(If you have not done so already).

Step 2:
Create AMAZON account. (If you do not have one)

Step 3:
Go to MYLIFEBOX and download the free APP.

Step 4:
Register on the APP using your email address, create username and secure password,
Read and then TICK accept on the Terms and Conditions.

Step 5:
An email will be sent with a verification code. Please note do not close the APP, look for
the code at the top of your device for the notification. Closing the APP will require restarting the process.

Step 6:
Submit verification code, and log in using created details

Step 7:
A User can email or scan documents to their device and upload from their device to the MYLIFEBOX APP.
To upload press the PLUS sign in the upper right corner. (User can upload, view or share photos).

• If the selected category is empty……No files found will come up
• An upload icon will appear
• User is taken to stored files on the device
• Choose file
• Wait for upload icon
• File uploaded to category

Additional notes regarding how the APP works:

• FAQ’s can be accessed from the APP
• website can be accessed from the APP
• User can select files to be deleted, deletion requests are verified before deletion
• Upon exit, user will be asked to verify if they want to exit the App. If the user decides to close the APP,
even if no selection is made, the APP will close.

• If the user moves onto something else on the device, the APP will close and login will be required to
access the app again. (APP cannot be minimized as a security feature)

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